• Betrayal

    There was a time when I called you “friend”
    I turned at your voice and smiled at your face
    Around you I was strong, I had sworn to defend
    My closest person, the one I will always chase.

    That sparkle in you eyes always gave me hope
    And I felt like there was nothing in my way
    I would fight I would kill just to get to the top
    And if someone touched you, I would make him pay

    But those times are gone now and you know it all too well
    You still hold that cursed knife you stabbed in my back
    Cause I was naive… I never thought there would be “farewell”
    And now I bleed – you left something in my heart – a crack.

    Now my life has changed, though I remember you still
    But the one thing that’s left in my heart for you is hate
    Because of you, I find it all too hard to trust… to even feel…
    And I’ve realized by now, that I would always stay in such a way.