• I know I died that day,
    forever to suffer,
    sadly you did too,
    and along that line you see my thoughts,
    I guilt myself so much,
    thinking you didnt tolerate me much lately because you blamed me for that,
    but now i see truth,
    as I scream and die and twist and turn
    I no long smile insanely on the burning branch,
    before i died i saw the pain we would suffer,
    and yet,
    i smiled,
    and i burned with the tree that single day to night,
    that bloody night,
    good bye
    torment follows us,
    and no releases you ,
    let go,
    you are not a part of my heart,
    not because i don't want you there,
    but because it doesn't exist.
    You got your wish,
    I have no feelings to give you,
    not even love,
    but hey,
    at least i dont have anger my dear,
    and to you i bid,