• heart Once again
    I'm at home
    In this room
    All alone
    Saw you once, made me smile
    Oh, but how I wish you were here right now

    I know this love is more
    But why to you have to be so far

    Cause once again
    I am alone, by myself
    You put my heart up on that shelf
    Please take it down
    I need someone to hold
    I need you now, I need you now

    I don't know what this is
    But there's a love inside that exists
    It's all because of you
    That my heart is left in town

    Please fix it now
    I know you can if you try
    Somehow, Somehow, Somehow

    You took me by suprise
    And opened up my eyes
    Now I can see, that maybe
    You also need me

    Now once again
    I am not alone
    You're by my side
    I have someone hold
    You patched my heart
    And took it off that dusty shelf
    You've changed my days and my dark nights
    You made everything so bright

    But then again
    This is just another dream
    You don't know who I really am
    Or where I'm from
    Still wish you'd come
    But once again, once again, once again.... cry