• "Haven, get up",
    That is my wake up call.
    I get into the shower,
    Then I get into my school uniform.

    I walk to school with my friend,
    One of the only people I trust in my life. smile
    I get to school,
    Greet my friends.

    Lots of people don't understand me,
    Laughs at me all the time. blaugh
    Rather at my beliefs, likes, dislikes, my friends, or my boyfriend,
    They just stand there and tear me apart into pieces. crying

    At times I want to cry, cry
    Only my friends understand me.
    When I'm upset,
    I see Michael, Brett, Joey, Yadira, and Christian there to pick me up.

    When I'm alone and angry,
    I punch the wall or scream. stressed
    I call my friends,
    Trying to find somebody that can console me.

    I go to sleep,
    In my cold, dark room.
    I close my eyes, and see the people in my life that understand me,
    Michael, Joey, Brett, Yadira, and Christian.