• Sitting here on the cool waters coast
    Seeing the glisten of the sun
    Knowing the heavens are resting now
    That their blessing is done
    Silently wishing I wasn’t alone
    Here in this cove of delight
    Yet with your whispers wandering
    This solitude and peace is alright
    Twilight surrounding my thoughts
    Because you are the essence of me
    Here in your place of absolute quiet
    Only here brings tranquility
    I never really realized how space
    Can provide such an easy release
    How this place has given life
    Given my soul some deserved peace
    I know deep down that your spirit
    Like air sits cozy by my side
    Never once have I been so able
    To relax since last I cried
    You’ve given me your essence
    In this domain of water and care
    Giving me solace to unwind
    When my heart was filled with despair
    Now I understand that real love
    Is a powerful force that can heal
    Restore faith when all is lost
    This strength I know I can feel
    Sitting here on cool waters coast
    Filled with your love and bliss
    Letting my dreams wander aimlessly
    Because your true love exists