• if we both got away,
    would you stay?
    nothing more to say,
    but can you come out and play?
    to lose you today,
    everything to go to disarray,
    i'd lock myself away,
    i can't come out and play
    hate them i may,
    but there would be no other way.
    i'd see the world as gray,
    no more emotions at bay.
    throwing myself into this fray,
    my opinion cannot be swayed.
    unless you stay,
    please don't go away.
    they'll hurt me today,
    don't let them get their way.
    if you stay,
    i won't go astray,
    they won't lock me away,
    won't hurt me today.
    you have to stay,
    you must not go away.
    the doctor says i'll hurt me today,
    if you go away.
    so please just stay,
    and don't let me get my way.