• It starting that night
    The drizzle wind crush me
    Follow by the very bright lightning
    Then everythink back to dark
    That fells come again
    The fells that I can't told
    Covered me and tied me up
    I cant feel anything
    My hand is freezing
    My mouth is locked
    She come again
    The really thing I never want to meet
    She fly and reach me in second
    My fell get stronger
    She touch me with her rough hand
    I just cant moved
    I know that there is something bad will happen
    but I cant...I cant do anything
    I just standing there
    She start it again
    These time with her gun pointed on me
    And soon after
    I really unconscious...

    When I can see the sun shining again
    It just like waiting for a year
    She always do the same thing
    She, the ghost in halloween costume
    Thats why, I hate halloween night