• Your eyes gleam like the starry night sky.
    Whenever you look at me,
    I look at you and smile.
    You do funny things that light up my life.
    Sometimes they just happen,
    Sometimes you just want to make me laugh.

    To tell the truth,
    You put joy into my heart
    And a smile on my face.
    Every night I think about you,
    But I always wonder:
    Is he thinking of me?
    I would do anything
    Just to be with you.

    Now doing everything
    With you is my life.
    Every single minute,
    Every single second.
    I hold onto your hand
    As you guide our way through.
    Through the hardships,
    And consequences
    Only with you.

    Even if we're apart,
    There'll always be one sky.
    So we'll always be able
    To find each other!

    Oh, how i wonder
    What my life woud've been like.
    If I searched far and near,
    But never could've found you.

    Your eyes gleam like the starry night sky.
    I want to be with you
    And only you.
    For the rest of my life!

    blaugh heart ~Himeona~ heart blaugh