• At first, you were in trouble.
    With yourself,
    With your life,
    With the world.

    I helped you.
    Told you no,
    That pills and blood weren't the answer.

    You listened.
    Thanked me,
    Told me I saved you.
    Asked me to be yours.

    I said yes.
    Fell in love,
    Wanted so bad to hold you,
    For you to hold me.

    Half way through, you left me for him.
    Tore me in two,
    But I wouldn't let you

    Then, we were back.
    Together, in love.
    Friends got in the way, and I understood.

    You couldn't trust yourself with me,
    And now I understand why.

    We talked.
    I told you I still loved you,
    You did the same.
    So I asked, "Why can't we be what we once were?"

    You answered, "Trusting me was a mistake."
    Now I know,
    Your warnings were truth.
    Trusting you with my heart twice
    Was a huge mistake.
    Now, things can only get