• It's so dark
    Its so cold

    Where am i
    Where did every one go

    I cant see a thing
    I cant tell where i am

    I try and cry for help
    I try and find a way out

    I stumbled across the floor
    I stumbled over my own feet

    Then i the darkness i saw two eyes
    Then a glow of red

    I wondered what it could be
    I wondered what it was

    It stared at me with its unkind eyes
    It glowed brighter then the sun

    It opened its big black angel wings
    It let out a rawr

    I couldnt help but fall back words
    I couldnt help but try and scream

    I could see it now
    I could tell what it was

    It was me
    It was my inner demon

    It had evil glowing red eyes
    Its fangs and claws unnatural

    It had long black horns
    It had a tail like the devil

    Blood was dripping from its mouth
    Blood was on the floor comming at me

    I tried to get up
    I tried to run

    The blood and the demon came closer to me
    The demon let out a horrible screatch

    All i could do was cover my eyes
    All i could do was pray

    I tried to scream once again
    I tried to yell for help

    Then i woke up
    Then i cried

    All i could think about was what it was about
    All i could do was sit and cry in my bed

    I sat there in the dark i cried in my room
    I didnt want to move

    Not knowing what to think
    Not knowing what to do