• Loneliness is a feeling,
    That everyone feels. crying
    At one point in every one's life,
    You are alone. cry

    For me,
    That is everyday. emo
    I have nobody to be with,
    During day or night.

    I wake up,
    I work on my school work,

    I do my homework,
    I go to sleep,

    Well you get my point,
    I am usually alone. sad
    I may have people in my house,
    But they can't relate to me. mad

    There is only 1 time in the day I feel,
    That I have people who understand me. biggrin
    Those people are Karina, Robert, Micheal,
    And most of all Yadira, Joey, Brett and my boyfriend Christian. 4laugh

    Thank you guys,
    Thank you alot. whee
    For all your support,
    And all your love. heart