• A drum sounds off, a deep measured sound
    That calls off men to war, to battle
    The tempo increases, as the opposing forces meet
    And in the ending crescendo, one side consumes the other
    Then a single trombone plays, a somber tune
    Evoking images of a slow funeral march
    Of sad faced loved ones all in black
    Burying a father, mother, a brother, sister, child and lover
    The somber tone quiets, and the sound of a flute is heard
    Playing a calm and soothing tone
    And bringing with it a rippling pond
    With mighty trees and soft flowers
    As two lovebirds cuddle together and listen to the serenading frogs
    The flute is cut short as a group of violins begin to play;
    Taking away the pond and painting over it with an extravagant mansion
    With fine china, and other luxuries that I can only dream about
    And never have
    A grand piano begins, altering the existing tune
    Playing instead a golden dance hall
    With stuffy lords in pitch black tuxes, and overdressed ladies in puffy gowns
    Waltzing across the floor with unrealistic grace
    And, as if in retaliation, a saxophone blares out
    Taking away the grand ceremony, and blowing out a soulful melody
    Weaving not a tale of riches, but of pain
    Of struggling to make your mark on the world
    When your nothing but a pawn to the higher ups
    Annoyed that they have yet to tell their tale, another instrument begins to play
    And another, and another, each clamoring for the listeners ear
    Each trying tell it’s story, to impress the listener
    Weaving together, creating a chaotic harmony
    A telling the story of the world.