• Sorrow,hatred,depression
    Is what I feel

    I need your arms around to comfort me
    Is it too late?
    Am I too late to feel your love?

    Words can't explain how I feel
    Your smile makes me feel safe

    What do I need to do
    To make you accept me?

    Now that you're gone,
    My nightmares keeps coming back and back

    I tried to tell you how I feel,
    But I'm too late

    I tried to move on,
    But your face is all I see

    I tried to love someone else,
    But my heart holds me back

    My mind tells me to forget you,
    But my heart tells me don't

    The stars are my guide to where you are,
    The moon makes me see what you are

    Darkness,pain,and suffering,
    Will never leave me till you come

    Your warmth makes me feel i'm not alone,
    Your kiss makes me feel I belong in this world

    Tonight I shall depart,for I will seek my destiny,
    Whether it's with you or not