• Why is it when i see you i cry
    You used to be so proud
    The way you held yourself
    What happened

    I used to admire you
    Now I'm disappointed
    I'm ashamed to call you a friend
    Your presence troubles me

    Now you do all the things you said you wouldn't
    Look at the way your "friends" corrupted you
    You used to hold your head high
    Today you nose was skimming the ground

    What has happened to my friend
    Why can't i recognize you
    You can't possibly be my dearest friend
    How could you let this happen

    Why did you let life take away your glory
    But It is not you to blame
    It is me
    I'm the one who let you slip away

    So now i cry
    Now I'm ashamed of myself
    Why did i let this happen
    How can i look in your eyes when they read "why?"

    I cry because of my mistake
    I used to blame you
    But the blame belongs to me
    So the only thing i have left to do is...