• Love Or Not

    A girl asked the guy if she was prety,
    The guy sayd no
    she asked him if he wanted her,
    He sayd no..
    she asked if she left wood u cry,
    He sayd no
    She turned to leave
    he grabs her arm.
    And sayd ur not prety ur beautiful,
    I dont want u I need u,
    And i woldnt cry if u left, i wood die...

    I Love U <3

    As Long You R Whit Me

    As long as u love me
    I`ll stay by your side
    I`ll be your companion
    Your friend and your guide

    As long as you love me
    As long as you care
    I`ll do anything for you
    I`ll go anywhere

    I`ll bring you the sunshine
    I`ll comfort your fears
    I`ll gather up rainbows
    Co chase all your tears

    As long as forever
    My love will be true
    For as long as you love me
    I`ll only love you

    In The Dark
    Bury me deep inside your heart
    And hides me in the dark
    Don`t let in the light
    Never let me go. Hold me tight
    Don`t ever let me go away
    Please be with me and stay
    I want to be buried in your heart
    Yet it`s so dark
    Ever though you love to hate
    I feel as if this is fate
    Please love me as i do you
    Please make my only dream come true
    I sleep in silence
    I dream in darkness
    Just hold me tight
    Keep me away from the light
    Bury me in the dark
    Inside of your heart...