• Unsatisfied with the outcome
    Towards this unbearable future
    Fleeing from the moments that filtered through;
    Infiltrating my new beginning

    Merely me, a boy of grief
    Ingested in obscurity
    Veracity escapes my being
    Leaving me incapable of speaking

    Refusing to be mounted
    The pedestal fissures
    Disintegrating amongst the fresh
    Bidding the pebbles to be ranged

    Isolated and exquisite, they were pilfered
    Chosen for what they were
    Appreciated for what they would become
    Soothed by the ogles that were envious in nature

    With eyes closed, escaping reality
    Confidants chosen with a bigoted hand
    No one finding solace in their tears
    Their cries falling on deaf ears

    The truth is foreboding,
    As the cork seals off the bottled affections
    Being shunned
    I'll embrace my insecurities