• The mirror glares back at me
    It whispers lies in my ears
    It screams at me, it threatens me
    It shows me what the world around me see’s

    It scares me to believe my own reflection
    I look so ugly, so fat, and my complexion is so pale
    To smash my fist into its cold hearted surface
    Would bring me so much pleasure
    Yet as I walk the street’s I realize
    My reflection follows me
    Car window’s wink at me tauntingly
    School showcase’s laugh at my watering eyes

    How can anybody love such a face?
    How can anybody think I’m sexy?
    Because in this world of skinny models
    In this world of shallowness
    Nobody cares how smart you are
    Its big boobs or nothing
    I am nothing

    Although I see my reflection still in the mirror
    I am only a shell left on the surface
    The mirror has broken me
    Before I could break it
    It’s ruined myself image

    It’s made me want to forget
    How ugly people are never happy
    Yet it lies to me I know
    I’ve heard so many people comment me on my looks
    Yet when I look into that same damn mirror
    It doesn’t say that, it says exactly what it has made me think
    I need to change myself, or I will never be real, be noticed, and be liked
    That mirror has ruined my life