• Tell me your secrets
    I'll cover the lies
    stop the whispering
    silence your sighs
    The words on the walls
    so many, so small
    when no one is listening
    singing them all
    your taunted
    covered with their thoughts
    of life without you
    so untamed.
    faded paragraphs
    filled with your words
    of treachery, deceit,
    listen and learn.
    stained, scarred,
    frightened by this,,
    surrounded by laughing
    in unholy bliss
    your faint,
    a whisper,
    unseen by all those
    who pass
    so unknowing.
    short and simple,
    like a song,
    listen to all
    your rights and wrongs
    when it begins,
    soon, it ends,
    and if it comes to you
    it comes from them.