• In the war that never ends
    You will always lose your friends
    In the war that never ends
    Your heart will always end up in the bends

    No mater how hard you fight
    I will come with all my might
    No mater how hard you bite
    I will blind you with my light

    Our own life is a war
    And we will always find the shore
    What is it we're fighting for
    The answer is right there in our core

    I will find you and make you bleed
    Why do you always have to feed
    My heart my soul was counting on your lead
    In sted you just made me another bead

    My heart is crushed and filled with hate
    For it shall now be your fate
    To become my bait
    And i promise you i will never be late

    I was there
    But did you care
    I was fiar
    But did you dear

    I can see
    I should have let you be
    Now i'm looking for my key
    Goodbye my old friend for you may now leave

    Go now and never come back
    For you are nothing but a lack
    Nothing but a tack
    One that will always attack my back