• Have you ever been to the doctor
    And told you close to expire
    Not because of a gun
    But because of a virus that had already one

    What goes through your head
    When you know everyday is another step closer toward death bed
    What do you tell your friends and family
    "I'll always be in your heart baby"

    Do you change how you think
    Do you begin to cherish every moment trying not to blank
    How does it feel
    To know in a while you won't be real

    Shall you think of the person you can never be
    Or the people you will soon see
    Do you live every day as if it's your last
    Do you try to remember who you were in the past

    Do you deny it all
    And "I will always stand tall"
    Try to put it in the back of your head
    Only for it to come while your asleep in your bed

    Remember we are not a thing
    Our life’s not song we sing
    Every man is not wise
    Even if people are meant to die

    There are many times when we are wrong
    You might miss the flight that was meant to take you home
    So don't worry about things that may not be true
    You still may have time to do anything you wanted to

    Remember people Don't have an expiration date
    So you don't know how much time it'll take