• Standing at an edge,
    entranced by the beauty,
    a thing so precious
    that only you see
    at the last of your life.

    It is a secret,
    You tell yourself,
    a secret that only
    I know of.
    A secret that you know
    the only thing you know
    that is a truth among
    all of these hollow lies.

    The beauty of sorrow,
    the atrocity of death,
    the false safety in lies,
    the unique pain in truth.

    So much clouds around,
    picking away at your clouded,
    confused mind.
    Surrounded by beauty,
    pure natural beauty,
    is something that completely
    and undeniably
    overwhelms you.

    You look to your sides
    and you look above.
    You sigh and note
    that no one is near.
    You take a knife and
    toss it to your front,
    and you watch it
    fall, fall,
    fade to black.

    You think your last thoughts
    of how nature can be
    the best hiding place
    a world hidden away by
    cruelty....A world in which,
    you know, you can hide...

    Hide away, hide away,
    and keep yourself
    from falling
    to the sorrows and pains
    that caused those before you
    to fall as well.

    And you, one who hides,
    atone to your sins.
    And you take a breath,
    And you take a step,
    And you fall, fall down...

    Falling, falling,
    Fade to black,
    As you close your eyes
    As the pain drowns you
    As your breath hangs in your throat
    As you slowly slip away...

    ...You realize I was watching...
    I who condoned you to your fate.
    ...But you never looked back...
    The one who I condoned to such a horrible fate.