• When we see,

    A sad day come upon a grave.

    When we hear a child's cry,

    Sicker as we grow.

    When we eat,

    One will starve .

    When we are warm,

    Colder they get.

    When we have help,

    The less they do.

    When we celebrate,

    It's just a day.

    When we aid those who pay,

    Other's die from one infection

    While we spend so much,

    On stuff we don't need.

    We could've helped those cries and graves,

    Food and warmth,

    And shelter.

    Every dollar we spend on chocolate

    Or coffee.

    You may think you need it but you don't,

    You just sit ther letting ones life slip away.

    Go ahead and cry or feel bad.

    It will never help.