• Bleeding hearts,
    They all cry for her.
    She is misery and she is pain
    Shattered souls,
    They are screaming
    But all she does is laugh,
    Laugh at their damnation

    The demons in the dark are hers,
    Your sinner’s salvation
    There’s no point in trying to run
    She’ll only find you
    *Softly* (She’s there inside your head)
    *Softer like a whisper* (inside your head)

    Beating hearts race
    In darkness embraced
    Shadows calling out your name
    It’s a blade to your brain,
    As chaos takes the stage
    She’ll see you safe to sweet oblivion
    * softly* (safe to oblivion)

    Don’t turn off the lights
    Don’t open the door
    She’ll be there waiting for you
    Just whispering
    “Cry! Cry sweet child! Cry for me!”

    Every silent breath you take
    Every silent move you make
    To her, it’s loud as church bells
    The smell of your fears
    And the taste of your tears
    Sweet like a drug!
    *Softly* (like a drug)
    And she’s screaming

    Your beating heart races
    And the darkness, it embraces.
    My shadows call out your name
    It’s a blade to the brain
    As I take the stage
    I’ll see you safe to sweet oblivion!
    *softly* (safe to oblivion)

    Take your time!
    Take your time
    She’ll wait for you

    And if you try to escape
    Know you can’t run from your fate

    *as a whisper* (it’s time to go)

    Hearts, they are racing
    Faster every minute, now
    The darkness closes in
    Caressing you ever softly, now
    And the shadows call…
    Stinging like blade
    Inside your head
    *whisper* (she’s there)
    She’s coming closer, now
    And the sweet hells take you

    Beating hearts race,
    In darkness embraced
    Shadows calling out your name
    It’s only a blade to your brain
    As she takes the stage
    Seeing you safe
    *whisper* (safe)

    *whisper* (it’s too late for you)