• Love can be defined as passion and concern for others.
    Can be among couples, friends, and brothers.
    I fell in love myself, and it felt so damn good
    I'd write my own definition in Webster's Dictionary, if I could.

    It's a feeling that you think is impossible to achieve
    You get thoughts tangled up in knots so complicated you can't believe.
    Like falling up, or drinking non-caffiene coffee on Mars
    You think your chances are impossible, but hey - that's what they used to say about electric cars.

    The girl I love, I want to make her laugh, give her a smile, and be there when she cried.
    She's the one I adore and just can't ignore even though such notions were denied.
    I don't know if she realizes it, but maybe if she knew she'd think it's scary
    I never knew her personally and for a 14-year-old I am quite hairy.

    I feel so happy when I see her face, but when she's gone I'm cold inside
    And now you must know that I am about to show the whole point of this rhyme.
    My tongue twists and my stomach knots even when I try to be just a friend.
    And then last year, at graduation, I cried when I knew that I won't see her again.

    Love is a dangerous thing, more so than a high-impact explosive.
    It can be corrupting, exhilirating, changing, breaking, and but all in all it's corrosive.
    It made me feel like God is playing a game and I play the leading part.
    It felt good on the first day but along the way it was eating away at my heart.

    Day by day I tortured myself over the countless things I've done wrong
    I never talked to her, much less ask her out, and now all of my chances are gone.
    I made prayers to every single all-powerful entity I can think of and already know.
    That given a chance and strength to do what I must and I will go tell her face-to-face, I will go!

    Because I won't have this love eating away at me, oh, so slowly!
    This isn't the love that I wanted, it is not good and holy.
    It's ripping me apart, it's tearing up my heart
    I should have seen this coming right from the God-damn start!

    I don't want to let it go, it's become a part of me, myself, and I
    It won't go away, and if I don't do something today, it will stay 'till the day I die!
    I WILL do something about it, I'm done making mistake after stupid mistake.
    What can happen? Plenty of course! But that's love for you, it's give or take.

    I would like to introduce to the world a new virus, a new disease.
    One that kills you from the inside out with too much ease.
    It decieves you with pictures of hearts and children with wings carrying bows and arrows from above
    It's explosive, it's corrosive, Planet Earth, it's called LOVE!