• I laid there peacefully asleep
    And my soul at peace
    The night was still
    When all of a sudden, someone planned some ill will

    He came in the middle of the night with no warning
    It was like a bullet to my chest, the pain was relentless
    Something strange is taking flight, and it doesn’t feel right

    It doesn’t feel right, yet it doesn’t feel wrong
    The blood covers my chest heavily and deeply
    I search and I feel…no, tell me this isn’t real…
    Could it be? He has taken something so important from me?
    The blood leaves my chest and gathers down my gown
    Leading as droplets to the floor
    My eyes look, but I wish to see no more.

    I gasp, I heave, but there is no air for me to breathe
    The sound of pit-pat….pit-pat danced into my ears
    This is the sound that I had feared
    Slowly but surely I turn my head
    I stop and stare, he stands right over there
    Our eyes lock and I wait
    There isn’t a look on his face
    I looked at his hand and saw something pace
    From his hands I can see, something beating
    It’s red, bloody and even pumping
    I think to myself, “No…it couldn’t be…”
    The thing that was staring back at me…

    This thief of the night looked familiar to me…
    He took a step closer and bent on one knee…
    Next thing I know we are face to face
    I was about to catch a case
    My eyes looked once more at his hand to be sure.

    I gasp and clutch my chest
    The pain grew to its very best
    With my last amount of strength
    I reached for his face
    My hand falls back with a slow grace
    My eyes grew heavy and finally closed.

    And so the story goes and never will be told
    Of how the fiend came and went
    With his lover’s heart in hand, just as he had planned it.