• So as the diamond tears collect around him and his son.
    He looks to the sky.
    His wound still oozes a little.
    His wings are functional.

    He stands,
    His son smiles.
    He takes off.
    His son takes off.

    They fly northward, homeward.
    He knows he has a place there.
    He is heartbroken.
    He looks forward to seeing his best friend, a noble gold.

    The adult white thinks.
    "Yes he will help."

    The adult white, rejected by his family because he fell in love with a silver.
    Rejected by all.
    Except his amethyst sister with a golden heart.

    Homeward to his birth nest.
    Homeward to his home of 2100 years.
    Yes home, the words brightened his dismal mood.
    Finally home.

    600 years ago he left, rejected, to be with his silver lady.
    Though he worries that he won’t be accepted.
    He knows that home, his birth home is where he belongs.

    The long slow, painful flight begins.
    He can barely see through his dim, teary eyes.
    He manages a smile.
    The familiar feeling of his son riding on his back is there.

    A slow, sad, lonely flight.
    Alone but not alone.
    Trying to heal himself.

    Homeward he flies.
    Son sleeps on his fathers back.