• Verse 1:
    What if all the oxygen just ran out?
    Would we even know, or just sit there dying to breathe?
    Not to cause paranoia.
    But to ask a question.
    "What if?"
    I mean, we don't intend to hurt each other.
    Do we?

    You call me your angel.
    (I always wanted to watch the Sunrise with you)
    But such beings have wings.
    All I can do is try.
    (But we could never find the Sun)
    To fit in.

    Verse 2:
    So now you pace empty corridors.
    Your thoughts, a paper trail to the old days.
    How much has changed?
    Do you still ask "What if?"?
    I do.
    He grabs your hand.
    You find the Sun.

    Go back.
    (There's so much I wish I'd said)
    Go back.
    (But nothing could prepare me)
    (For this ending)
    ("What if?" wink