• In this world there are a number of things that can move a person to
    action. Actions that influence who we are and make us do the things we do.
    And to think, the things we do directly affect those around us. One single
    action causing a chain reaction of events that can make or break their very
    way of life, even take it away...

    Will the guilt drive you to help them or will you shatter under its weight?
    One mistake could end it all, one false move and it could all come tumbling
    down... The lives that lie in your hands and the responsibility to
    protect them is yours and yours alone.

    Do you pity them or envy them? Do you wish that you too could enter the
    peaceful darkness of the afterlife? Jealous of the fact that they get to
    escape it all and leave you with the tattered remains. Or maybe you would
    fight until your last breath to save their hapless souls, use every ounce
    of strength you could muster in exchange for their safety, knowing that
    without you, their final moment would be of suffering...

    Some would stand there, apathetic, watching as the blood of the innocent
    stained the ground and pooled beneath their feet. Looking at their hands
    and seeing in them all those people's pain and heartache, even their dyeing
    hopes, yet not ever shed a tear. The monster inside them growing ever
    larger, consuming their soul and throwing them into the dark...

    But who knows? The mind of another is a dark place. Its secrets never to be
    found. I cannot control what you do, merely influence your current state of
    mind. What will it be? Will you save their restless lives or will you aid
    in the torment? Do you laugh your wicked laugh as you hear their screams or
    fight against all odds for their well being. In truth, these questions are
    worthless for the real test of one's character is how they act under
    pressure. So, as I lie down my pen and write these final words, I leave you
    to think of this phrase. Its all in your hands now. For better or
    for worse...