• Acting like worms,
    Eating away at my heart,
    Every bite whispering love is a lie,
    Forcing me in a dark world of despair,
    Tears of fear and sadness
    Rolling down my pale cheeks
    Flushing through my distressed eyes
    Thinking of the faint image of him,
    Blurry like an old photograph
    Every pain staking second passing
    The photograph gets more faded and old..
    Rips starting to form on such a lovely photograph
    Turning the color into a murky yellow
    Then the picture is pure past..
    Nothing left but the very faint memories
    Hiding themselves deep in the soul
    Only unlocked when my mind searches for it hurriedly
    But as soon as it’s found it’s quickly lost again
    All part of its plot
    He’s only a faint memory now..