• Slit their throats,
    Watch them die,
    Let them bleed,
    Let them cry.

    Let them cry out in pain,
    kick their living corpse out into the rain.
    Stab them quickly, turn the blade...
    Let them feel the rush of hate.

    Don't let them get away,
    Hang their body on display,
    Let them be the example for all,
    then cut the rope, let them fall.

    Keep them alive just a bit longer,
    let the hate you feel grow even stronger.
    Pound on them, kick, punch, spit,
    Even after their throat you have slit.

    Bury the body, hide the shame...
    Find someone else to blame.
    You're done for now, until next time,
    When you feel the urge to let your hate shine.

    Thanks for reading, I know it's demented, but hey... I was pissed... lol