• Poem that is love

    If drips of blood was a heart,
    I'd give you my body
    If burning flesh was my soul,
    I'd give you my all
    If love was lust,
    I'll give you my pleasure heart
    If our love was a branch,
    I'll give you a family tree
    If my wishes were to come true,
    I would of been with you...

    If my broken was cured,
    I wouldn't have been ignored
    If you would of ask,
    I would of been with you
    If that would of happened,
    I would have been happy
    It's all a dream, It's all a dream
    So now you come to me,
    With that same smile that I had seen
    "Go out with me?" You asked shyly
    And I look up to you and smile
    "Yes I will" I hugged you
    You hugged me back
    It's not a dream after all...

    ~By I am the Sexii Dog