• I saw at the corner of my eye
    sittin there with my guy
    That cheerleader preppy girl
    stealing my whole word
    I walk up to the table, my heart felt like fire
    I yelled at him " you dirty cheating, lair!"
    "you said i was the only girl for you!"
    Its over now!
    Cuz your a Cheating lair!
    Who broke!
    who broke!
    who broke!
    who broke my heart!
    Its over now!
    you left me cryin in the dark alone, tears of blood running down my face and arms
    i felt i felt i felt like killing myself
    but then i realize! you were making me weak! i need to be stronger than i am!
    I dont need a man to make me strong..
    that cheating lair did so much wrong
    That cheating lair!!!
    But theres things that he cant take from me! My hope! My faith! And my dreams!!!!!!!!!!