• i have but one thing to say
    an here it is today
    my life it seems
    has many many themes

    you come along an break my heart
    now an new day wont start
    i loved you so
    but you desided to go

    now my life is falling apart
    all because you broke my heart
    lets take some time
    its not a crime

    to relize who you really are
    then you'll go so so far
    ill show you now what its like
    now take a hike

    you took my heart an made it happy
    by you acting all sappy
    then you tore it in two
    and then we were threw

    you found another girl
    shes your priceless perl
    i hope she makes you happy
    just dont act all sappy

    i will not fret
    because you will regret
    breaking my heart
    an my new day not to start

    why did you do it
    lets just sit
    an figure this out
    but dont shout

    you broke my heart now
    you'll wonder how
    a girl like me
    started to see

    your game
    your fame
    whos to blame
    oh what a shame

    you lost me
    cuz i see
    who you are now
    oh how

    but now im not comeing back
    it will sting like a tack
    when im gone
    an it will be for long

    because you broke my heart