• This world.
    Is just full of that danger.
    That danger of tobacco smoke.
    Not only does it kill you, but it kills everyone around you.
    You're increasing your blood pressure.
    You're putting tar into your lungs, and giving you lung cancer.

    Now, my mom's mom's boyfriend started smoking!
    And he got lung cancer and died!
    And before he died, he probably went blind!

    When you smoke, the residue from that ciggy
    Gets into your bloodstream.
    That weakens the blood vessels in your eye.
    Those blood vessels burst and make you blind.

    Now, my mom's mom's boyfriend started smoking!
    And that vessel burst and he went blind!
    And way after he went blind, he got lung cancer and died!

    When you exhale the smoke, the smoke gets in the air.
    Then it gets into a non-smoker's lungs, and gets in ther blood and hair.
    Not only does it do that, but it also gets on your clothes
    And afterwards you'll loath the smell.

    Now, I have to inhale that ******** smoke!
    I really can't deal with that stupid smell!
    I ain't gonna stand it anymore!

    Now, you exhale it.
    And it goes onto other people.
    These people get the same danger that you got.
    They ain't gonna live to be 99.

    Now, it's a lot harder to live a long time!
    It just ain't gonna let you live that long!
    Sure, Fredrica Sagor Maas is 108!
    But that's her, and there probably weren't as many smokers in 1900!

    How do you think Slash will die?
    How do you think Dennis Danell died?
    And how do you think Larry King got his heart attack?

    You will die on a leap day, on a leap year too!
    It could be in 2012 too!
    You stupid pack-a-day smokers!
    You kill us all!
    We just need people living to 300!
    Veggie diet ain't gonna help!
    You're very likely to get lung cancer and die!

    (guitar solo)

    Stop the murder!