• We watch as that girl's parents are wrestled to the ground

    This is the very first time I see that girl frown

    But What I did is for the best

    Now that girl is safe and I can rest

    ~ -X- ~

    That girl watches as her parents are dragged away

    I try but I can't think of anything to say

    That girl calls out

    I wince as I hear the shout

    ~ -X- ~

    That girl cries out for her mother and father

    That girl was happy before why did I bother

    She turns to me and asks why I did it

    I open my mouth but no words seem to fit

    ~ -X- ~

    I made a mistake and I didn't know

    I ask that girl her name and she says Bo

    I was wrong

    About that girl, about her parents, about that song

    ~ -X- ~

    I wipe her tear

    I know the withering is near

    It was my fault

    And I didn't realize it at all

    ~ -X- ~

    That girl, with big blue eyes and golden hair

    Who hid behind her glasses' glare

    That girl... she grabbed the knife...

    And then that girl so sweet ended her life

    ~ -X- ~

    It was all my fault

    And I didn't realize it at all.....