• I have a creaving that will not end
    The first time i meet him
    It will not end

    Is it because I love him
    Or is it the trust he gives me
    Or it might be both

    Whatever it am be
    Will he acepte me
    I fear he will not

    He might learn the truth about me
    That I am ruled by the Moon
    That I can't love him but i do

    He must know that I can't live with out him
    What I have to do to serive
    The never ending thrist for him

    That I am a monster
    That I must not fall in love
    Because that means the end for all

    But I am drawn to him
    That I love him but I can't
    What will I do

    I think I will tell him
    Tell him I love him
    That we can't be together

    But I will stay
    Because I love him
    And give him my life and my heart

    Then my thrist will be clenched
    If not then I'll say goodbye
    And that will be The End for me