• "When the Darkness Calls Our Names"

    I loved you.
    And you loved me back.
    We were perfect together.
    But I am afraid we have to seperate.
    As the world we know,
    Is about to decimate;
    Forever to be engulfed in teh painful enemy we call Darkness.
    We were never meant to be everlasting.
    As the darkness is calling our names,
    We gave our final tears and goodbyes.
    As the world we knew, shall become something we despised.
    Now, we forget of was once used to be.
    Our love, our lives, the names we cherished ever so heavenly
    are extrutiationgly stripped from our hearts.
    The enscriptions, engraved into our minds.
    Are pavemented over.
    Laughter and happiness..... Gone.
    As to be re-written over in a new format;
    know only to satan as deathnote.
    Love is covered as hatred.
    Laughter as despise.
    Fun as to greediness.
    Enjoy is one the in disguise.......