• Love me tender,

    Love me not,

    Hate me sweetly,

    Hate me hot.

    With words of silk,

    And words of praise,

    You captured me,

    With a loving haze.

    Brides of death,

    With rotting corpses,

    In hearses of silver,

    Drawn by midnight horses.

    Moonlight weaving streams of ice,

    To dance around like a spice.

    Your embracing arms,

    And twinkling eyes

    Stole my heart,

    The beginning of my demise.

    Love me tender,

    Love me not,

    Freeze me surely,

    Never stop.

    Harps of bone and hair

    Play the Raven’s Song,

    Deep and melodious,

    Echoing until the dawn.

    Star-studded skies,

    With shadowless cries,

    Gazing down from the heavens,

    Pin-pricked with beads of silver,

    Her Majesty the Moon

    Watching over lands of death

    With icy flowers blowing to and fro.

    Love me tender,

    Love me not,

    For this is the world

    Of which our wicked

    Love has wrought.