• i wish to walk the night
    where everything is better
    the stars lay far..
    the moon lays near..
    all shining down to make thing better...

    at any day of time..
    walking the moonlight is like heaven..
    and walking the daylight is like hell
    night is where i must belong
    i can get away from all the pain
    just lay and gaze at the stars like its a game..
    instead of be made into someone else next game
    counting each star i see..
    instead cutting each and everyday...
    the stars r not ones to judge..
    so don't be scaryed to cry in front of them
    they don't mind.. it only bc they care

    the moon will always lay near
    just enough so i can feel
    it sweet tender gaze...
    the star will always lay far
    as do my hopes but can turn in time..

    the night must be where i belong ....