• A girl
    She stands back
    Her friend stands in the light
    She smiles for her friend
    and helps her as much as she can
    for what is happiness if your friends can't enjoy it too?
    All is happy and everything is as said to be
    All is well
    She smiles
    through her breaking heart
    because she is good
    but not good enough
    Always, always
    no matter what
    second best
    She has accepted it
    though it stings like a thousand daggers
    Why must it be so?
    She wants her chance to shine too
    She wishes that could be her
    but she continues to smile for her friend
    for what else can you do?
    She is always the background
    always in the shadows
    and helps all she can
    "What goes around comes around"
    they tell her
    She is important for that one minute
    and then she fades again
    Just like Angela
    How many of you remember her?
    Can you even recall her story?
    Just the minor, just a support
    But the support is the rock solid ground a structure stands on right?
    no one realizes it, all taken taken for granted
    maybe she will fade
    for one last time