• We walked down the street together one night
    When you held my hand, it felt so right
    I felt a connection, a jolt, a spark
    Especially when you kissed me good night in the park

    I thought we would be together forever
    But now I know I was just a dog on a tether
    You led me to believe that you would stay
    But for you to leave there would be no delay

    After our date that glimmered like a dream
    You moved on to the next girl in line, it would seem
    At first my heart sank from being hurt and used
    To see other people, I steadily refused

    Soon I came to realize I didn't love you at all
    Only your smile was what made my heart crawl
    From that moment on I decide you weren't worth the tears
    When all you did was trample on my worst fears

    What I thought was a spark was actually a chill down my spine
    Whenever you spoke a captivating line
    Someone out there is perfect for me
    The one I thought you were supposed to be

    A man who will love me and not move along
    Is calling my name lovingly clear and strong
    So to this voice that pulls my heart strings
    I will search for and see what each new day brings