• Despite everything I said
    I will always love him
    And no matter what I do
    He's the one memory I don't want to lose.
    I love him too much
    To give up this fight
    But I can’t even look at him
    Without tears coming to my eyes.
    I hate the fact that I love him so much
    So I'll fake a smile
    And wipe my tears.
    Because these are the last
    Of my heartbreak years.
    I'll pretend I'm happy,
    And laugh at jokes.
    Just to make sure,
    That no one knows.
    The pain I've suffered,
    And the things I've felt.

    I love him still.
    And I always will.
    But I can’t take this pain and heartbreak.
    That he makes me feel.
    So I'll give him up.
    And watch him walk away.
    And try to remember.

    I might be okay.