• Rain is pounding on her window,
    While he is pounding on her mind.
    Make it stop, she begs of him now,
    This pain is of a brand new kind.

    Screaming silently in her head,
    Bleeding badly from the scars.
    A battle raged, a girl broken.

    Laying silently,
    In agony,
    On her bed.

    She looks at the building,
    Says she's thinking about jumping.
    Says she's tired of life,
    She must be tired about something.

    Bleeding, broken, and battered.
    Who would take her now?
    She says it's all in her head,
    She'll get along, somehow.

    Trampled, torn, and trying.
    Bleeding from the heart.
    She says it out loud, now.
    Screaming, no longer crying.

    She beat the pain, the agony.
    She's so different now,
    Don't you see?
    Leave her be.