• Move quickly
    and tap each seat
    to balance.
    look straight ahead
    and hope they are

    Kick or push doors
    open to reach the
    alcoholic vapors of
    once happy people.
    Then sit and try to
    keep your eyes
    straight as you inspect
    every tree that
    passes by.

    Laugh because you’re
    the badass teenager
    from a cool school
    and draw the attention
    toward you. Then
    swoon yourself into
    your own poetry
    and lip sync to words
    already spoken.

    The train skuttles
    along the tracks
    over a bridge
    “Good afternoon,
    Ladies and Gentlemen:
    Our next station stop
    is that of Jackson,
    Jackson, is our next smoke
    Stop. Jackson.”

    Bouncing off the little
    yellow stool, I breathe
    in toxic air as I clash
    against the plastic black
    criss-crossed fence that
    stares at the oncoming
    cars in the street. And in
    the far off distance, like a
    sanctuary, the capital’s
    obese form greets the pass-
    erbys, such as the Japanese
    that I usually see now
    who take photographs
    in their foreign language

    The world is so
    small. I bet it’s decreased
    it’s size and velocity since
    my parent’s time. That’s
    the only explanation.

    Four more long hours till