• Pulling deep,
    the knife rips between,
    the heart destroys,
    and turns into itself tonight,
    the stars are red,
    the sky is spotty,
    the world is black,
    and my tears are falling,
    the waves fall into darkness,
    and the world sees what cannot exist,
    the terms i use,
    are nothing,
    and lies fill the empty void,
    truth has become perverted,
    and nothing true so sacred,
    religion has tainted feeble minds,
    and now falsehoods govern your emotions,
    we die,
    blood clouding inside my eyes,
    and the world is laughing,
    that is,
    was laughing,
    for now i stand up,
    and smile,
    as the sky falls on those who have fumbled,
    and shows the truth you wont allow,
    those who have denied reality....
    your reality,
    has begun,
    to tear away