• You are the only person,
    I know i can rely on,
    And i know that i truly love,
    You are my mother,
    My flesh and blood,
    My whole world,
    With you in my life i need no other,
    I need no boys,
    I need no toys,
    I only need you.
    I know that sometimes,
    My temper gets in the way,
    With me and you,
    But yet you always still love me,
    Like nothing truly happened,
    Just like a perfect mother should be,
    You try to calm me down,
    Or give me some space,
    You know what i need,
    When my heda fills with anger,
    And thoughts i never wanted to think,
    When i calm down,
    I just need to be with you,
    To be in your arms,
    Saying how truly sorry i am,
    You kiss the top of my head,
    And whispering in my ear "no need to be sorry",
    "As long as i am with you,"
    "I need no other."
    I cry upon your shoulder,
    Never wanting her to leave me,
    I old her close to me,
    My tears soaking her shirts,
    And stream into her heart,
    Leaving my treail on hre,
    I not once want her to forget,
    That i love her,
    And will always be with her,
    Even when i grow up,
    Get married,
    Have kids,
    I will always be there,
    When you are feeling alone,
    In need of some company,
    I will be there to make you feel better,
    And tell you that i am always here,
    When she needs me,
    Acting as the elder.
    I Love You,
    Do not,
    Do not forget that,
    *I am yours truly* heart