• I just wanted to ask you if you realize what you do to me?
    I mean seriously, you ask me to check you out and tell you what I think.
    Do you have any idea the mixed signals that gives me?
    You tell me you don't want a girlfriend,
    but yet you act like you do in other ways.
    Or is it just me you don't want as a girlfriend?
    Come on, I was honest with you about how I felt,
    it's time for some honesty from you.
    Do you realize the pain I feel when I look at you at your request,
    or call back the memories of the past?
    Seeing your body in my mind,
    remembering how your toned body looked in the sunlight.
    Knowing I'll never get to hold you,
    even hug you.
    Its not your body I like,
    It is you,
    your personality,
    your kindness,
    your heart,
    Never be able to show you how I truely feel.
    I am beginning to think that it's just me.