• I'm love with a beautiful man
    The only one who has my heart
    I wait every day for him
    And I never want to be apart
    His glowing eyes prove he cares
    His hair flowing
    Like the wind in his face
    Ice blue eyes
    I look deep into their depths
    I melt
    I wither
    Love snatches my breath away
    Leaving my heart
    Like an overheated oven
    I burn
    (Or at least my cheeks do)
    He is charming
    He is caring
    He gives me his time
    When I am down
    His arm slides around my shoulders
    And he pulls me close
    Whispering in my ear
    That it will be all ok
    He brushes my tears away
    With a gentle hand, guiding me
    Is this the love I've dreamed of?
    This isn't love.
    He is love
    Yes, I am enthralled
    But it only lasts a while
    Before I realize that
    Oh, dear.
    It's all a dream
    There is no gentle hand there to guide me
    With new tricks
    (He's a basketball buff)
    Or with anything else.
    There is only the illusion I have
    The man of my dreams
    Is only a figment sitting beside me
    In the class I wait for all day
    But I am still invisible to him.