• I want to hide my burning body
    Throw it into the blazing field,
    Beneath the twinkling stars

    I want to bury my hopes and desires
    Bury them far into the Earth
    So that I’ll forget them and just give up

    I want to chop off my hands
    Toss them into the flames
    Then, I won’t be able to hurt you anymore

    I want to pull out my eyes
    That way, I won’t look at you with
    All the envy in the world

    I want to lose myself
    Just once again
    So that I can’t feel anymore pain

    I want to forget
    Trying not to remember all my sorrows
    It’s better to live without sadness weighing down our hearts

    I want to cut my wrists
    Watch the thick liquid flowing
    Just to feel the pain that I so deserve

    I want to see my beating heart
    Red and pumping; working
    Just so I know it’s not made of ice

    I want to cut out my bones
    Compressed and broken
    So I can see the damage they’ve taken

    I want to cut off my long hair
    It slows me down, it feels so heavy
    If it’s gone, I’ll feel lighter; better

    I want to erase my mind
    Forget my old life
    So I can start over; without you