• On this moonlit night she dances
    She twirls and twirls as the
    Cherry blossoms fall, and blow into the wind
    The wind the her messenger of many things
    She touches a lifeless being, it blooms to life
    It dances with her
    So beautiful, she dances, every thing she touches flourishes
    Without her we all perish
    She dances across the dead world
    Everyone relives
    And we join her dance
    Twirling and twirling
    Enemies and foes become one and dance
    As the mother of all beings recreates the dead
    Without her we are no more

    The flowers will wither
    The trees will die
    The animals will fall down once they cant take it anymore
    And we will fade away
    Without her we are no more gone in the distance
    All of our stories, our memories, our love
    Gone forever more
    But our mother, the giver of life, will help us prosper
    She will be our guide our light,
    She wants us to live to carry on her children
    And what do we do we hurt her, we stab her
    We poison her
    Lets join her dance, while still can and become one with our enemies.